DIY techniques to uplift your bedroom style

Blog | 24 May 2020

The exciting techniques for those who are looking for decoration ideas to welcome new things. These five DIYs technique could transform your bedroom into the new one by using surrounding items.

1. Organizing your cabinet
Unused cabinets can be brought back to life by cleaning and repainting and they can be used as a storage facility for items and documents instead of old-school cabinets. You can stack them up to create a locker or just pull them on top of each other in style
2. Unique pillow that speaks your style
Getting bored of the same old pillow cover? You can knit the new one in the style you like. You can use your color and knitting wool texture the way you want. It is ideal for own use and to give it as a present. This will also make your bedroom more warmth.
3. Save space by hanging flower pots
If you are in love with nature and want trees in your bedroom, but somehow have to give it up due to insufficient space. We would recommend you to build flower pot hangers, just put the nail and hang them over the ceiling or the wall and knit the rope over thick wood as a foundation. This could provide freshness without consuming much space.
4. Increase cheerfulness with dried flowers
If you are not good at growing trees or not having much time, you can also feel the touch of nature in your bedroom by just simply framing dried flowers for the wall of table. This makes your room look good while requiring low maintenance.
5. Packing without storage spaces
Use other furniture to create a storage space to show your out-of-the-box thinking style, like hanging blanket or winter coats. Use unused wood pieces as bookstands or vase holders with a backdrop of a white wall to emphasize this creation. Only these simple steps will make your bedroom trendy.