Research and Development

Since licensed and authorized as the official Sealy® manufacturer and distributor, Jaspal & Sons Company Limited, has adapted to the Sealy® mission and committed to pursue the research and product development in order to maintain the highest standard of products and win the customers trust with the best product quality of products under Sealy® brand.

In 2014, Sealy has established the first mattress testing laboratory in Asia in order to preserve the standard of product quality based on the United States of America mattress standard serial no. ASTM-1566. Sealy has guaranteed to deliver the best quality of products to our customers. The method of product testing will be separated in below.
  • Testing on a mattress structure by Rollator Testing. A huge weight of 110 kg roller is determined to simulate the support performance of 10-year mattress condition. Also, the Compression machine is designed to test for the strength of edge support and the depression of mattress with the simulation of 100,000 times sleep pattern at the same points by the 110 kg weight pressure.
  • Testing on the material efficiency by Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester. The method is determined to qualify the endurance and the longevity of quilt material. The number of rubbing shows the efficiency of fabric durability.
Sealy established the Research and Development Department to improve and advance the Sealy sleep technologies to be more cutting-edge and distinguishing with the ability of physical preference response. Our customers can be assured with the better sleep quality of an international standard certified by Sealy® brand.

Advisory Board

The Orthopedic Advisory Board collaborates with Sealy's leaders in Research & Technology Innovation to help Sealy:
  • Develop advancements that offer 'orthopedically correct' support and contribute to overall orthopedic health
  • Understand the nature of sleep and sleep problems, and design products that meet consumers' evolving needs
  • Direct and oversee academic sleep studies and research
Consisting of eminent orthopedic surgeons, researchers and clinicians the Board leads Sealy's medical research and development efforts.

Members of the Orthopedic Advisory Board

Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Departments at Northwestern University. Medical director and Chief of Surgery at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Founder and senior Consultant of the Centre for Pain Studies. A past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Dr Robert G Addison
Head of the Orthopedic Research Laboratory at Wake Forest University. Directs, supervises and coordinates all science studies performed in the laboratory. Leads the 7 year Physician Orthopedic Residency Program, as well as the implementation of novel science research protocols.
Dr Thomas L Smith
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and team physician for Duke University Medical Centre. President of the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine and Director of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Former Chairman of Orthopedics at University of North Carolina.
Dr William E Garrett JR
Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Wake Forest University. Member of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Author of numerous articles on orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy, lecturer.
Dr Gary G Poehling

Orthopedically Correct Design
The Orthopedic Advisory Board developed the concept, and defined the measures and criteria for Orthopedically Correct Design. Here is how it works:
  • The more supportive the mattress is, the more pressure points are diminished.
  • The more pressure relief the mattress offers, the better support you get
  • To eliminate tossing and turning from uncomfortable pressure points, you need the perfect balance of proper back support and targeted pressure relief.