The most efficient balance of support and comfort technology. This is to design to provide you the delightful relaxation.

Sealy Advanced Technology

Sealy Posturepedic mattress feature durable components to ensure years of guest comfort and easy housekeeping - helping to drive higher occupancy and rave reviews for your property

1. Rich-feeling, Antimicrobial, Fire Retardant

for comfortable, long-term protection of the mattress.

2. Cushioning-Premium Foams

all high quality foam and fiber comfort layers for superior performance and longer comfort life to deliver increasingly higher level of luxury.

3. Edge Support

for a fuly supportive feel and to ensure that the bed keeps its shape over time (Unicased XT, Unicased, Comfort Guard Edge Guard, S-Support)

4. Anti-Slip Foundation Top

to keep mattress in place while changing bed covering.

5. Extra Foam in the center third

to add support and minimize body impressions where guest weigh is concentrated.

6. Pocket Spring

for enhanced head to toe comfort and reduced motion transfer.

7. PostureTech Spring

twice tempered coil to provide comfort, support and durability.

8. Two handles on each long side with month labels

for years of easy lifting and mattress maintenance.

9. Hospitality-grade Foundation

with Interlock Grid Modules or solid wood construction for stable feel and durability in hotel environments.