Five truths on why women need more bedtime than men

Blog | 18 May 2020
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Many researches from professional institutions that specialize in sleeping found that women need, on average, 20 minutes more bedtime than men?

1. Because of hormonal differences,
menstrual period, pregnancy and menopause could change and even increase the load on a woman’s body and emotion could fluctuate according to hormonal changes. Women are at higher risk of suffering from anxiety disorder and depression. This is why women need more time to rest to restore both their body and mind.
2. Because of her endless thoughts
Women are known for overly thinking and that might not be an exaggeration because the neural network connection in women brains are different than those of men which make women born for multitasking. Therefore, her brain absorbs more load and requires more sleeping time than men. This phenomenon also applies to those whose work demands high brain power consumption regardless of genders.
3. Because she cares for her family members
Apart from the neural network, the brain of women is designed to fulfill her responsibilities simultaneously like heeding to her children and running house chores. This can be traced back to ancient time when women might simultaneously take care of household matters and protecting her young children from any peril.
4. Because of tense surrounding matters
Even we are in the age of gender equality but raising children still be considered as a priority for women, so many mothers feel the pressure to perform well in both professional aspects while perfecting watching over the family during the same time. This is the reason why women take longer time to attain the depth of sleeping as they might always be something over her thoughts before bedtime.
5. Because the special one can provide big morale support
If you feel that your special women, be your mother, sisters or wife are suffering any sleep difficulty, you should provide morale support for them and seek medical consultancy should the symptom becomes too abnormal.

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